Thursday, April 16, 2009

Opening paragraphs of Degrees of Leadership

Here are the unedited opening paragraphs for my upcoming book, Degrees of Leadership. I'll be posting snippets as the weeks progress and we draw closer to the publication date.

Degrees of Leadership
Chapter 1

It started simply enough; he wanted to become a Mason so he asked a Mason about joining the Lodge. He’d seen the movies; the Man Who Would Be King, the Di Vinci Code, and the National Treasure were among his personal favorites. As much as he’d researched the Craft and its symbols, he really had no idea what he was in for on his initiation day.

He stood on the street corner in a busy part of town. The Mason who had come to his house to question him about his motives for joining left him with the top half of a playing card. He said to be at a particular street corner on a certain day and time. Another Mason was to meet him there and present the bottom half of the card. “Follow the man and do as you are told” was all the instruction that he received.

At the appointed hour, almost as if by clockwork, the man with the card’s bottom half appeared. “Follow me” was all he said. That was how the adventure began.

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