Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duly and truly prepared

"That which we do in our intervals of relaxation, our church-going, and our book-reading, are especially designed to prepare our minds for the action of Life. We are to hear and read and meditate, that we may act well; and the action of Life is itself the great field for spiritual improvement." - Albert Pike


How do you spend your free time? What types of things occupy your attention? Many professions have a "continuing education requirement." Does yours? What does this all have to do with leadership?

One of the fundamental teachings of the Scottish Rite is that of continual self-improvement through education. This process is time consuming and can't really be done in one sitting or at a weekend seminar. So, how much time do you take to improve yourself?

Some people rise a little early to exercise or read. Some do this before bed time. Some take a longer lunch period. Regardless of when its done, the fact that it becomes part of their daily ritual is important. It means taking some "me time." It means being dedicated and committed to the process of improving yourself.

Take a moment each day and use it to your advantage. Don't short change your own growth and development. Prepare your mind for action. Participate and take ownership of your path. You'll find that your confidence will grow exponentially.

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