Sunday, December 6, 2009

Infinite possibilities


Today is the day after the bi-annual AASR Honours ceremony her in southern California. Our hosts, the Valley of San Diego, put on a magnificent event. It was indeed an honour to be in the company of so many distinguished masons - "the future leaders of the Rite," as our SGIG put it.

As I think back on the day, I am stuck on one thing that was said by our KCCH candidate. To paraphrase him, he said that the working tools of the craft are finite. But, there exists an infinite amount of possible uses for these tools in a mason's life. Infinite possible uses and an infinite amount of possible combinations. Talk about an amazing tool box.

I remain convinced that the Scottish Rite is the preeminent leadership academy for men. The lessons of the degrees of the Rite are just as valid today as they were when Bro. Pike put pen to paper. One has but to knock on the door and ask to be admitted. Something so freely given, yet so powerful.

The active candidate for the 33rd degree mentioned that the learning never stops. That even though he had reached the 33rd and last degree, there is still much to do - still room to grow and improve. What an amazing thought and motivator.

More on this amazing night soon ... I'm still processing it all.

Until then, enjoy.