Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Participation in the process is key

Greetings brothers and friends,

So much of today's learning is passive. Sit in a seminar, a classroom, a theatre, or watch on-line. It rarely puts all of your senses to work. What if you are a tactile learner - needing to get your hands on things to help you figure it out? What then?

Participation is the key. Getting involved with your development. Taking ownership of it. Taking it "by the horns." Being responsible for it. Albert Pike said, " ... [h]e who would become an accomplished Mason must not be content merely to hear, or even to understand, the lectures; he must, aided by them, and they having, as it were, marked out the way for him, study, interpret, and develop these symbols for himself." Take it and make it your own.

Whatever it is that you are doing, take it and make it your own. Participate in its success. Make its success your success. Master it, and thus master yourself. 

Leadership is certainly not a passive activity. Endeavour today to get off the sidelines and participate. Success is out there - you just have to go after it. Remember, a true leader is one who labours strenuously to help effect great purposes. Wouldn't you like to be that leader? If so, what are you waiting for? Participate.

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